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Paul studied fine art and art history at the University of London, West London Institute and graduated with BA (Hons) in 1985.

His work has been previously shown in the UK and is held in private collections in UK and NZ.

Paul was raised in Derbyshire, England, many miles from the coast and visits to the seaside were a rare privilege. He lived in Auckland from 1996 to 2007 and then pursued a lifestyle dream and moved to Whangarei Heads, Northland.  One of the delights of New Zealand is never being far from a beach and Paul enjoys the endless seascapes immensely.

The work shown is inspired by the natural unspoiled beauty of North Island land and seascapes. Paul uses photographic references but generally the images are remembered and recreated as an expression of the essence rather than a studious reproduction.

Paul often works on several canvases simultaneously so that each shares some details with other works in the series. The images are textured in an attempt to recreate the natural reflective quality and complexity found even in a ''flat'' sky or sea. There are generally no recognisable landmarks and yet the images, however abstract, seem at once familiar.